NTICE offers a professional CV Writing and Social Optimisation Service allowing you to create a professional online presence and polished CV that will ensure that Hiring Managers and Recruiters take notice of you.


A. CV writing and Creation


Do you know that Hiring Managers and Recruiters spend on average 5-7 seconds looking at a CV.? To ensure your CV makes an impact and is not placed into the rejected pile, you need a CV that is well written and relevant to the role you are applying to. Only 2% of CV’s make it past the first screening round, therefore your CV must make a lasting first impression. Let us help you become part of the Top 2%!


B. Social Media Profile Optimisation


Employers are using online sources to vet and screen candidates. One in three employers has rejected a candidate CV’s based on something they have found out about them online. Don’t let your online profile destroy your chance at your next career opportunity.


Selection of Services

• Professionally written CV
• CV Update Service
• LinkedIn Profile Creation and Optimisation


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