Most recruitment companies will tell you that they will send the right candidate for the job. Do you begin to doubt this when you see the quality of the CV’s? This is a common predicament that companies find themselves in.

Why are we different?

NTICE Search Solutions is unique in that we offer a bespoke headhunting service, with no upfront fee. Our consultants focus on approaching candidates that are performing well and not actively looking for work. NTICE Search Solutions aims to become a partner who understands your business strategy, values and overall business plan. We will take the time to understand your market and the challenges you face in recruiting and driving the right behaviours in your team. Once we have an understanding of your business we will proactively approach passive candidates and NTICE them to move.

We look to form partnerships with a select number of clients to ensure that we are able to maximize the time we spend on your needs and to ensure the greatest degree of success.

We have developed a 5-stage approach that ensures that the time we spend on recruitment is based on finding people with the right values and personal attitude to ensure successful integration into your business as well as the essential requirements of core skills and a demonstrable track record.

  • Needs analysis of the role and the partnership you require from us
  • Time to understand your core strategy, business approach, key competitors and values
  • Investment in understanding the market and candidates we put forward
  • Communication throughout the recruitment process
  • Evaluation of our approach through collating feedback