Why we offer this service:

Technology is fast changing the way we communicate and engage both socially and at work. It is therefore no surprise that candidate and client engagement behavior has also begun to shift. Companies used to be in control of the recruiting process, however, currently over 75% of job seekers start their job search online. Candidates are becoming less tolerant of poor recruitment practices as online job seeking becomes easier and more abundant. They are becoming less accepting of a poor candidate experience and it is therefore imperative and vital for employers to embrace the shift to inbound recruitment.Strategy

Ntice looks to improve efficiencies within the recruitment industry through automating manual processes and procedures, allowing businesses to drastically reduce the cost of advertising, agency spend and size of back office recruitment teams. Recruitment is an expensive component of any business’ Talent Attraction Strategy. It is therefore our mission to support our clients in facing the 3 major challenges experienced globally by Recruiters:

• Cost to hire
• Time to hire
• Skills shortages



How we do this:

Our Solution brings recruitment into the 21st Century. Technology is changing the shape of Recruitment globally. With the advent of the Internet, multiple Job Boards, Aggregators and Social Media, recruiters are being inundated with so many different candidate sourcing tools and opportunities to source candidates from. Couple this with a real shortage of time to find quality and skilled candidates, the cost associated with this problem becomes astronomical.

We are committed to adding value by providing bespoke candidate attraction strategies tailored to your company’s individual requirements. At the same time we will reduce your advertising and recruitment costs whilst improving the quality of your hires sourced and reducing the time to hire significantly through our service offerings. Our focus is on utilising cutting edge recruitment technology to provide top caliber individuals who will make a difference to your company’s performance. It is a combination of our team’s passion for recruitment, sector knowledge and a unique recruitment approach that has helped us develop strong relationships with various well-known global groups in the UK and South Africa.



What we do:

Ntice are specialists in developing candidate attraction strategies across the UK and Africa. Over the past 8 years we have developed an extensive network, helping our clients tap into both active and passive candidate pools within the respective markets.

Through digitisation and a unique pricing model that allows you to cut costs by up to 80%. Our model speaks to the business leaders who feel the financial drain that recruitment has on the bottom line, as well as the harassed HR team with vacant roles to fill, limited budgets and no time to source candidates through all the necessary channels. We offer our clients the ability to leverage our technology and sourcing expertise to reduce their recruitment spend massively. All the while helping you to grow your own internal database of candidates.